Mission and Vision

To create and develop a movement in a Holy Spirit inspired, kingdom-focused, sustainable transformation of Canada and beyond… driven by the Great Commission of Jesus in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” We are called and commissioned to reclaim what was lost, to bring transformation by advancing the kingdom into the heart of the nation – the marketplace (business, government, education, the church) and in the process, disciple the nation into its God-given destiny.

We may have a heart for transformation and may even have applied kingdom values to our own lives and our areas of influence… but it is only when we come together as Christians from different backgrounds and perspectives that we truly impact our communities with effective and lasting kingdom-based transformation.

Transformation is beginning to happen across Canada. We are moving towards a more united and holistic approach that will result in measurable and sustainable transformation of people, business, government and education in cities, regions and the nation itself.

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