Who We Are

Transformation Canada is an alliance of marketplace and ministry individuals, working together to transform our nation for the better. Plain and simple; we want to see the presence and power of God meet the felt needs and the systemic challenges of our communities and our nation. We are part of the International Transformation Network led by Ed Silvoso. You are invited to sign up for free today and begin interacting as part of the network!

Something Extraordinary is Going on All Over the World

Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things that are radically transforming schools, companies, prisons, cities, and even nations. Today millions of men and women are walking out their call to full-time ministry in the marketplace. These people work as stockbrokers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, farmers, chief operating officers, news reporters, teachers, police officers, plumbers, receptionists, cooks, and much more. Many already know that they are called to play a vital part in the establishment of God’s kingdom on Earth.

– Transformation, by Ed Silvoso, ch. 1

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