60 New Christians!

It is so encouraging to see how people in Sierra Leone are embracing the message of integrity as the pathway for transformation in Sierra Leone. The deeply entrenched cultural issues of corruption are being up-rooted by the powerful message of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and his desire that we live lives of integrity.

MokanduSixty new Christians in Makondu

In one of our outreaches in Makondu earlier this year, about sixty people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Makondu village is located at the Northern part of Sierra Leone, in the Portloko district of the Yonibana chiefdom. It is comprised of 70% Christians, 20% Muslims and 10% other faiths. Bruce Mann, Ebenezer Cole and I we were warmly welcomed by the school children with a song and later went to the church, where we met with the pastor, church leaders, teachers and community head. The TSL team shared the vision of starting cohort groups with the teaching of Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity as the foundation. The message was received enthusiastically.

In April, Ebenezer, Marcel Awuku and I had another three-day visit to Makondu village. We went to start training a cohort of six leaders – one from each community – to empower them with CLI/TSL training so they could start cohort groups in their respective villages. The three-day training was a success, and the follow up reports from Edward have been very encouraging.

Through our cohort leader Edward Koroma, the TSL team made in-roads into five other villages to spread the gospel of Jesus; namely, Sumbuya, Malanchul, Robarary, Manor and Makelirokfula.

Impacting the education system

When Bruce, Don Mann and Bill Pipki were last with us, we visited the Sierra Leone correctional centres, the National Fire Force and lecturers at the University of SL Institute of Public Administration and Management. I was able to follow up those visits and share the message of Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity with the University Dean, Dr. Ezekiel Duramany Lakkoh. He appreciated the message of CLI and led me to Dr. Gbondo, who is in charge of university exams. As I shared the message of CLI/TSL with her, she got excited and embraced the message, asking our team to supervise the first semester exams to ensure they were conducted honestly and fairly. The exams were conducted without malpractice and the university is now asking the TSL/ CLI for a seminar for both lecturers and staff of the university on Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity!

Report by,

Desmond Johnson


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  1. We thank God for the multi-tiered approach in the transformation of my beloved Sierra Leone with a focus on Religion and Education with the opportunity to incorporate other sectors for a very holistic approach to a more transformed Sierra Leone.
    Well done, Desmond Johnson!

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