Transformation of Wongo town

by Desmond Johnson

Wongo town is found at the eastern part of Freetown, Sierra Leone, on a mountain approximately 1000 feet high.  The two thousand people who live there were until recently all Muslim.  Before the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone there were no churches or schools in the community.  Wongo town was severely affected by Ebola with an average death rate of four or five persons per day.  The Transformation team were able to reach out to about 100 Ebola affected homes with food distribution and prayer for the quarantined families.  In 2015, Transformation people were going up to Wongo town twice a day from March until August to provide food.  They held workshops on how to apply the 4 transformation principles of Luke 10:

  • Speak peace
  • Fellowship
  • Healing the sick through prayer
  • Declaring the kingdom of God

60 percent of the community gave their lives to Jesus and they now have a church and a Christian school.  The chief is the head of the men’s fellowship of the church.  The teaching of transformation is ongoing in the community.

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