Transformation comes to Rogbangba

We are so thankful to God that the Transformation Sierra Leone team was able to make a breakthrough into the Rogbangba community.  Rogbangba was a Muslim-dominated community about 20 km east of the capital of Freetown, Sierra Leone.  In 2015, it had only one church and about 20 mosques, one school, no water facility, and no hydro.  Rogbangba was also strongly influenced by occultism.  There was evidence of witchcraft practice, and with little work for young people many were getting addicted to alcohol.  School dropouts before the age of twenty were very high and many of the single girls were becoming pregnant.

In February of 2015 a team from Transformation Sierra Leone started giving several teachings on prayer evangelism.  Leaders were encouraged to take on assignments of praying for the streets daily.  During one of the all-night prayer meetings members saw a strong spiritual wind blowing.  Since that time 15 new churches have been started.  The community now has schools.  There is now a hydro power supply and 10 new water wells.  Young people are now coming to church.  The powers of darkness have been removed from the community and the people are happy.  Just last month an international NGO entered with an agricultural project for the community and the crops are doing much better than before.

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