It’s time for Toronto to reap a heavenly blessing

Canada’s most populous city may soon see a powerful move of God, as witnessed by the testimony and vision shared this past weekend at a three-day event organized by Transformation Canada and hosted by Catch the Fire Toronto.

Hundreds came to pray, connect and be inspired to a vision of transformation in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Sessions included teaching and inspiring stories from various speakers. One presentation was given by a team from Vallejo, California (Michael Brown & Anthony Summers), who shared how unity between pulpit and marketplace ministers in their city has transformed their entire region, culminating in the Mayor of Vallejo dedicating it as “a city of God”.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ed Silvoso explained that the seeds of transformation in Toronto were planted long ago. Some recalled the Toronto Blessing revival of 1994, when millions converged on Toronto and then took that passion around the world. But the message of the weekend was that, regardless of when they were planted, those seeds are coming due for harvest in the form of a revitalized city.

“God has given Toronto a kingdom identity and purpose that needs to be reclaimed,” said Dr. Silvoso at the Saturday leader’s session. “There is a divine destiny in everything the devil stole. He’s thrown a lot of dirt onto the seeds God planted in Toronto. But what the devil forgets is that when the Son shines on that dirt, it causes that which was planted to sprout. It is time for the kingdom of God to arise in Toronto!”

Attendees were asked to consider the felt needs of the Toronto community, business sector and public services. Some suggested ways to bless the Toronto Police Force, and the Chief himself. Others pointed out the educational needs of new Canadians, as Toronto’s ethnic population grows in number. Pastor Tony Summers from Vallejo shared how God can take a broken city and bring new life to it through his ministers both in the church and the marketplace.

“Vallejo was the first bankrupt city in America”, said Summers. “But we went from Vallejo the bankrupt to Vallejo the blessed. What the devil meant for evil, God intended for good, for the saving of many lives. Believe me, change can come to Toronto.”

Transformation Canada is planning to organize a follow-up process over the summer. It will bring together pulpit and marketplace ministers, assist with the creation of an action plan, and help build up the relationships and resources needed for transformational work in the GTA.

If you live in the GTA area and want get involved contact Derk Maat at

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