The Ekklesia

When most people hear the word “church” they picture a cross, a steeple or a building. However, in the New Testament the church was always referred to people who operated 24/7 taking the Kingdom of God to where the Gates of Hades stood for the will of God to be done on the earth.

The Ekklesia in the New Testament was so dynamic that it filled Jerusalem—the city that crucified Jesus—with its doctrine in a matter of weeks (Acts 5:28). It caused everybody who lived in the Roman province of Asia to hear the word of the Lord (Acts 19:10), and it enabled Paul to state that from Jerusalem to Illyricum (not far from modern Italy) there was no place untouched by the Gospel.

Why was the early church able to expand so fast and so efficiently? Because it was an organism with roots in the marketplace that aimed to reclaim its activities for God’s Kingdom. In fact, the Ekklesia, originally was entirely secular.

We believe that God is raising up modern day examples of the Ekklesia all over the globe and we invite you to discover for yourself the power of the Spirit to bring transformation to your sphere of influence.

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