Rebuilding Canadian Culture webinar series starts June 4

Canadians have had every aspect of their lives shaken by COVID-19; not just economically and socially, but spiritually too. In the coming months and longer, Canada will need to recover and rebuild. As the marketplace grapples with tough challenges, so must the church. In fact, the church and marketplace needs to work in partnership to see real healing come to our nation. Transformation Canada wants to facilitate that process, so we’re inviting you to join a 4-week online discussion series on Rebuilding Canadian Culture, starting on June 4.

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TC welcomes new National Director

Dr. Brian Beattie

Dr. Brian Beattie has accepted the new role of National Director for Transformation Canada. Brian is a member of the TC Board and Senior Pastor of Freedom House Church in Brantford, Ontario. His recent book City of God shows how entire cities can be transformed by the power of God.

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Canada Summit for National Progress August 17-18

Canada Summit

4My Canada is hosting the Canada Summit for National Progress on August 17-18.  The following is an excerpt about the event from the 4MyCanada newsletter: “In an interview we had earlier this year, Derk Maat of Transformation Canada shared how years ago the Lord said to him, “I want you to be a part of the solution, not the problem .”

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