Stories of Transformation

Be encouraged as you listen to others tell their story…

This Month’s Highlight:

Pastor Brendan Witton | Toronto City Church

Transformation Through Kingdom Entrepreneurs

The Bible climaxes with a parade of transformed nations led by their political leaders in Revelation 21. We don’t know the full answer to how this will come about, but we do know that it has begun. Take a few minutes to watch this documentary on five entrepreneurs who are taking the presence and the power of God to the marketplace every day and are experiencing personal transformation – in their family, business and industry.

The Brantford Story

Once a hub of industrialization and commerce, there was a time when Brantford made a powerful mark on the economic landscape of Canada. Then the recession hit and by 1994 it had become a desolate, depressed city. With a diminished work force, Brantford seemed like a place of despair, rejection and hopelessness, but that all changed when business, government, education and the Church started working together.

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