Shift Canada 150 Conference Report

By: Derk Maat, TC Chairman

The Shift Canada 150 conference started Thursday night and continued to late Saturday afternoon. One hundred and fifty leaders and kingdom practitioners from across Canada met in the upper room of Catch the Fire Toronto, hungry for more of the Kingdom! The group was made up of pulpit and marketplace ministers (leaders, CEOs, workers, etc.), worship leaders, intercessors, artists and people from all walks of life. Our time together was focused on worship, intercession, testimony, and impartation. We went through a process of envisioning, equipping and empowering one another through prophecy, declaration, artistic expression and release of the Holy Spirit.

We also spent time building relationships.

What emerged was a new understanding of the expression and release of the kingdom. We looked at how the fullness of the kingdom is being experienced not only within the church and church ministry, but also within the marketplace spheres of business, education, and government. In listening to the testimony of pulpit-based and marketplace-based apostolic leaders, you could start to hear a common language. This is a great indicator of growing unity and vision!

The example of the Kingdom as a two-sided coin was a powerful image and a challenge that everyone took home. One side of the coin represents the emerging kingdom-based church. The other side represents a kingdom-based marketplace. Each side has a different expression and experience, but we find harmony through a common vision. We realized even more concretely that the Kingdom is expressed as righteousness/justice leading to peace and joy in the power of the Holy Spirit. With that as our foundation, church and marketplace ministers can disciple the nation together, in response to the Great Commission.

Thank you to Doug Schneider and the team at Global Canada for organizing a great event.

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