Resource Toolbox

You can become a cultural architect.

You can build a team that will bring creative, strategic and Godly transformation to your sphere of influence, to your city (community) and even the nation.

Resource Toolbox

Let us bring our years of experience with integrating the influence of the church, business, government, education and other spheres of society together with God’s dream for your city. We recognize that no community is exactly like another, so we don’t come to you with a “how to” approach. Instead, we come alongside you, inspire you with regional, national and international stories, point out the Biblical principles of transformation, then serve and partner with you.

Our team has created numerous tools for you to customize for your setting. We would welcome the opportunity to speak to you and help you build and sustain momentum as you draft the story God has for your community.

What’s inside the Tool Box?
Resources available through the Transform our World global site:
Other Networks we recommend: PEACE Ontario, The Kindness Project

Ready to Start Building?

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