Rebranding to Transform Our World Canada

As a response to our Transform Our World Global Team in San Jose, California – Transformation Canada has committed to changing our name to Transform Our World, Canada. This re-branding is a process that every national team around the world will be making over the next few months and years.

When we committed to this process, we decided as a national team that it was also time to take a deeper look at who we are and why we exist. This led us to intentionally evaluate where we have been as a movement in Canada, where we wanted to go, and how we wanted to get there. So, along with a re-brand, we have done interviews with many key influencers in the Transform Our World movement and carefully reflected on these discussions. We will be sharing our findings and our strategic path forward with you one the next few months.

What I’d like to ask is that you will be praying for us as we finalize these last steps. We strongly believe that God has raised up Transformation Canada – Transform Our World Canada on the landscape of this country to be a catalyst of change in every sphere of influence. This will take time, intentionality, commitment, and dependence on Holy Spirit to lead us.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us in this. You are deeply appreciated.

Brian Beattie, National Director

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