A “New Era” for the Ekklesia in Canada and around the world

Dr. Brian Beattie

A few weeks ago, the Lord spoke to me about a “new era” for the Ekklesia.

To be honest, it was an unexpected discussion because that wasn’t what I was praying about and God had never spoken to me about an “ERA” before, so I had to do a bit of research. An era is defined as follows:

In chronology, an era is the highest level for the organization of the measurement of time. A calendar era indicates a span of many years which are numbered beginning at a specific reference date.

More specifically, God said that the next decade is going to be the best decade the church has ever seen. It is going to be the “Roaring 20’s” because the Lion of the tribe of Judah is about to roar and EVERYONE will hear him. The GLORY OF THE LORD WILL BE OVER ALL THE EARTH AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA.

At the recent Transform Our World Global Conference we witnessed what I can only describe as a historic event, when many of God’s current generals of the faith came together in unity to declare that His kingdom was coming to the earth as it is in heaven. Specifically, on the Friday evening, there was a global simulcast that included Ed Silvoso, Bill Johnson, Lorne Cunningham, Shawn Bolz, Che Ahn and several others focusing on bringing numerous streams in the body of Christ together for His purposes and glory. There has been a commitment of relationship and resources to see God kingdom advance in a significant way as we “arise and shine, for our light has come”.

Furthermore, what I heard from the Lord personally a few weeks ago, and experienced at the Transform Our World conference, is consistent with what I hear from prophetic voices around the globe. It’s a NEW ERA for the church. God is releasing His vision and His strategy for reaching the world with His love. He is calling us together with other like-minded people so He is glorified in our cities and nations.

Be encouraged today; God is at work and we are about to experience things that we have hoped and prayed for over many years or decades. I want you to know that the One who has called you is faithful and He will do the things that He has said He will do. He loves your city because it is full of people that He loves. Continue to ask God for kingdom solutions and practical ways to show His love to everyone you can in the coming months and years.

It’s a NEW ERA for the Ekklesia, so expect God’s presence and promises to be manifest in your life.


Brian Beattie is the Senior Pastor of Freedom House Church in Brantford, ON and National Director of Transformation Canada.



  1. I have seen the article about the One Church in Brantford working together with city officials to deal with the problem of homelessness. This has been a burden on my heart since I have been volunteering at a local Christian drop in center. Our need in Hamilton is very great. So I am sending that article to as many churches that I know in Hamilton to see if there are any that would want to work together for this need in our city of Hamilton. I have sent it to Eric Ames who is part of Transformation Canada. Your story is an inspiration and hopefully will spark other similar actions in other cities.
    Jessie Cooper

  2. Thank you Brian for hearing from God. We will endeavor to hear, look, and feel for ways we can love our cities. Be blessed
    Michael & Tony

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