Leadership Edge

Leadership Edge is a leadership development pathway that accelerates the growth of emerging leaders to transform their workplaces, company, industry and nation. This program integrates Kingdom principles, values and proven leadership strategies for personal and cultural transformation of organizations. This 10-month program integrates peer-based learning, coaching from practitioners, real-world workplace projects, and action-learning workshops to bring impactful change. All of this will lead to the emerging leader becoming an Accelerated Kingdom Leader.

What Sets Leadership Edge Apart?
  • An initiative that integrates transformational principles with strategies from the top 10% of Fortune 500 and how they develop executive leaders
  • Draws on insights from mentoring 500+ emerging leaders over the past two decades (80% are now executive leaders in 20+ countries)
  • Offering based on the award-winning methodology and practices published and recognized by the Association of Talent Development (formerly ASTD)

The Leadership Edge delivers real-world results
  • 80% of the 100 emerging leaders at a Canadian Subsidiary of a Fortune 10 company have been promoted to executive levels.
  • A Canadian Subsidiary of a global technology company transformed their customer experience, resulting in a 95% satisfaction rate.
  • This CEO-sponsored program at a global Fortune 500 company helped build a leadership pipeline for growth of 100% in seven years.
What Does it Look Like Out in the Marketplace?

Dr. Ed Silvoso, a key inspiration behind this initiative, once shared a story that helps illustrate the kind of change and renewal that this teaching creates in marketplace leaders.

A high-ranking executive in a large European telecommunications corporation became infused with this Kingdom mindset and began blessing the workspace of each employee in his department before everyone arrived each day. Soon the spiritual climate improved significantly – sick leaves and conflict levels were dramatically lower than the rest of the company. When the CEO asked the executive for an explanation, he said, β€œIt’s God!” At that moment he gained great favour with his boss and began influencing the company at an unprecedented level.


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