A Rapidly Growing Kingdom Family

We truly are in a time of rapid advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven and incredible things are happening so fast it’s like a blur.

And while that has certainly been the case here in Canada, the Transform Our World Global Conference spoke to me that it’s not limited to our nation. The presence, application and acceleration of the core principles of transformation is happening in communities around the world.  For example, our friends in Sunderland, UK are doing incredible things to impact their health care system and engage with the business community to address felt needs. And they’re doing so because they felt encouraged by what Team Canada shared at the summit this past January.

We not only encourage each other as individuals, but as nations!

And, even as nations, the sense of family was amazing to experience. I liken it to the early church gatherings – they were organic and familial, not institutional or hierarchal. Each nation brought incredible testimonies of what God is doing there and shared unique perspectives that edified the whole body.

This is why I’m so excited to be able to share not only my thoughts on the conference, but the unique perspectives of four first-time attendees from Team Canada:


Christina Thé – Co-Creator, Professional Model

Don Brophy – Sr. Vice President, Aecon Constructors

Korrie Silver – Strategic Planner & Consultant, Korrie L. Silver Ltd.

Rodney Schunker – Mortgage Broker, The Mortgage Centre




TC: How did this event feel different from
any previous transformation events you’ve been to?


Rodney Schunker – My expectations were met. I’m very new to the network, and I received greater vision for my business and felt rejuvenated. It changed things and I got a lot of perspective. I’ve even set up a prayer calendar for my business, because I saw good examples of how transformation can be integrated into business.

Don Brophy[The conference] was more of a global perspective. I hadn’t experienced that kind of variety before.

Korrie SilverI have a very global heart; I’m interested in what’s happening locally around the world. I was humbled at the conference to see the scope of what’s going on. I tried to be intentional to sit and talk with people and hear their stories.

Christina ThéAs a four-day conference, you have more time to settle in. Perfect strangers would come up and give a word of encouragement. I saw and felt that this is a massive family. I could walk around in my socks. This is what the Kingdom of Heaven must be like.


TC: What is one thing stood out to you –
a teaching, impartation or ‘God moment’?


DB – Listening to the different communities with good concrete examples of what Ed has been talking about for many years and what can happen. Those examples really show what’s possible with God. These are testimonies of what God is doing all over the world and when you look at transforming the globe, that’s a big venture. But when you look at it one community at a time, it seems more possible. This helped firmly establish my resolve to get at it and get out there and produce something.

It triggers something within you.

RSI felt more clarity about why God is prospering me and how I fit into the broader picture. Honestly, I went with a selfish reason – to meet other successful people and hear how God has helped them grow and get embedded in the marketplace. My question became, “How do I give back physically in the flesh to share the gospel?”

I feel I now have the answer.

CTWhen the Chinese delegate spoke and shared their anointing and prayer, I felt something that I’ve never felt before. To see their desperation for the Lord among the underground church, to see that longing for God, blew my mind. I was standing at the front and something shifted in me. I caught their hunger, their perseverance.

Ed said something on the first day that impacted me. I’ve struggled with being Asian – in modeling and otherwise. As a model, your worth is based on if you’re working and doing well – it’s manufactured. And I’ve always been very focused on my race. Western culture doesn’t have a respect for the Chinese, it’s usually a derogatory remark. But Ed said, “Well God must love them because he makes so many of them!”

It helped reaffirm my identity.

KSI’d been fasting for 16 days leading up to conference, and I wanted God to show up in 5 different things. I got to the conference with expectation, and He started tackling them one by one. And I made great connections. One of them was with Lou Engel, and actually the name of my fast was the name of my breakout session with him. I had time at the beginning of the session to sit down with Lou and just talk, and it was amazing because God shifted so much in me.

He showed me that when we are intentional and hungry, He shows up.


TC: How has going to the conference affected you in your
transformational work here in Canada?


CT – I had no idea how much transformational stuff is happening around the world. I want to share these stories with people in our community and say, “Look! This is happening.”

I feel I was representing our generation. There weren’t many millenials there and more than anything I want to encourage people – my generation especially – that transformation is happening, this is what it looks like, we have to do this together and we need more people to step up.

DB – I always believed that Canada would be heavily involved with major Kingdom events. It’s one thing to believe that it’s going to happen, it’s another to see yourself as getting involved in that and that it won’t happen unless you participate.

I think the core is there. But in any group it’s the long-term, those that stick with it, who will see the results.

RSIt has caused me to question, “How do I become a greater contributor in the community and in the church?” I realize it doesn’t have to monetary, but how I support other organizations.

This has also helped me when speaking to more pastors and church leaders about Transformation Canada and how the church can go beyond the four walls. It has helped me translate the idea into actionable steps and ideas – anything big or small to impact the world in a tangible way.

KS – It’s pushed me to continue going forward. Sometimes we forget that on our way to the mountain, we go through many valleys. It’s breathed a fresh fire in me, a reminder that I’m not alone. These are my people.

I’ve finally found my tribe.


As you can see this is an incredible story that’s still being written. I want to thank everyone who attended and everyone who joined us via livestream. Your presence, prayers and community was felt and appreciated because what God is doing here is so much bigger than any one of us.

He is building unity and partnership between initiatives in a way that’s never been done before. And the movement is getting bigger and stronger all the time because we’re helping, encouraging, and teaching each other. Many have struggled greatly along the way and we’re supporting each other, grieving with one another. We spend time fellowshipping together, while we’re all changing the world and being changed ourselves.

Isn’t this the family of God?

So my encouragement to everyone out there is get connected. Get involved. And together, let’s increase this movement.

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