ITN Global Conference Recap

TOW Global ConferenceIt was the best ITN conference ever! No one left the same as they came in.

19 Canadians joined 1,100 others from 23 countries at the Global Transformation Conference; a prayer driven, worship inspired event in the San Francisco Silicon Valley area. It was led by Ed Silvoso and transformation leaders from around the globe along with guests Bill Johnson and Cindy Jacobs. It was an action packed Holy Spirit driven gathering that focused on the transformation and healing of individuals, cities, regions and nations. Testimonies of kingdom permeation into the very heart of business, government and education similar to the testimonies of the Acts of the Apostles inspired everyone who attended.

Breakout sessions on church, intercession, business, education and government focusing on eliminating all forms of poverty brought practitioners together from around the world. They came to network, collaborate, envision and empower one another to take the kingdom into every dark corner of the world. All over the world Kingdom leaders are impacting corporate board rooms, poverty and crime stricken communities, the inner political sanctums of the nations, and educational institutions.

The conference was energized by Ed Silvoso’s unfolding of his new book (being released in early 2016) “The Ekklesia – will the real church stand up?”. Ed unpacked Christ’s vision for the church “the Ekklesia” and shattered conventional understanding of the church as institution versus the church as an organism. He shattered the separation of the sacred versus the secular, the church versus the state. His teaching and unfolding of the Kingdom Ekklesia was the basis and understanding of explaining the phenomena of transformation that we see in people, communities, cities and nations around the world.Ekklesia

He defined the ”Gates of Hades” as any thought pattern or belief system that sets itself up against the knowledge of God in both the natural (here on earth) and in the supernatural (in the heavenly places) and that we have the Holy Spirit baptism to demolish those strongholds. The new understanding of the Ekklesia as the gathering of leaders in society and advancing the Kingdom of Jesus into every area of influence, gave new understanding and purpose to the work of every believer in all areas of influence. Ed shared that the Ekklesia and the Kingdom are two sides of the same coin, unified in bringing the Kingdom of Jesus into every domain and area of human activity and interaction.

The testimonies and prototypes presented at the conference gave full credence to the unfolding of the kingdom Ekklesia approach provided by Ed Silvoso in his key note sessions. Key examples that were presented (many other examples including Brantford, Ontario were also shared in breakouts and in one-on-one networking) are summarized as follows:

  • Francis Oda (a pastor and architect) is discipling a nation via architecture with the multi-billion dollar redevelopment of a city core designed to end poverty and corruption in the most environmentally sustainable approach ever envisioned for a major city.
  • Poncho Morgui is transforming the city of Juarez in Mexico, eliminating the power of crime, revitalizing the economy and discipling thousands in government and business to “thrive without a bribe” as he takes the message across the nation with the blessing and encouragement of the president of Mexico.
  • King Flores, who along with 20 others, are discipling 1.4 million leaders in business and government in the Philippines toward changing their lifestyles to reflect kingdom values on the basis of the Luke 10 Prayer Evangelism approach.
  • A Christian school emerges out of bankruptcy to become a leading academic, sports and arts elementary and high school in the USA, ministering to felt needs in public schools and seeing many students come to the Lord.
  • Michael Brown (a transportation company CEO) and Tony Summers (a pastor with other leaders in education) together, with the mayor of their city as a transformational apostolic leadership team, told the story of how the city of Vallejo, CA has transformed from bankruptcy into economic, social, motivational and spiritual prosperity. It’s an inspiring testimony showing that nothing is impossible for God.
  • The work of a Silicon Valley IT leading entrepreneur who, using Apple software, developed a prayer app soon to be available for every iPhone that has the power to unite and register on Google Maps all 2.9 billion Christians around the world in praying and blessing their streets, police, businesses, governments and schools so that the kingdom based Ekklesia can penetrate every nation at the grassroots level around the globe.

TOW Global ConferenceAll of these are testimonies to the power and presence of the ongoing baptism of the Holy Spirit providing new insights, wisdom and extra-ordinary miracles in the lives of people, regions and nation. The Canadian team served in key areas of worship, breakout sessions, and in engaging the children as part of the emerging kingdom Ekklesia.TOW Global Conference

Everyone attending the conference was challenged to go back to their communities and rededicate themselves to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their own lives in prayer-based, transformational initiatives that will change their communities and their nations. We are called to change the world, empowered by a continuous and repeated baptism in the Holy Spirit, embolden by the 5 Transformational Paradigms (found on this website) and guided by a Luke 10 lifestyle of blessing, fellowship, meeting felt needs and proclamation.

Coming back to Canada I am experiencing my transformational journey in new, joyful, Holy Spirit encounters where I can see God’s hand in the extraordinary miracles I am experiencing in my own work and the work of Transformation Canada.

God bless each one of you as we together flow in the river of transforming our land; Canada and beyond.


Derk Maat

Transformation Board Chair
CEO Scicorp International Corp.


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