Disruptive Innovators – Part 3/3

By Derk Maat, TC Board Chairstartup-photos

In this series, I’ve shared how you and I are agents of heavenly disruption, applying God-inspired innovations to worldly issues to bring about global transformation. I hope you have been encouraged to consider your own kingdom identity, and all the potential God has for you! We are the Lord’s marketplace people, and He has plans for kingdom-based disruptive innovators in business, church, education, and politics.

If you want to step fully into your role as a kingdom disruptor, I want you to consider taking action by joining the Transformation Entrepreneurs Institute through Transformation Canada.

Transformation Canada is part of a global movement called Transform Our World, and in this movement we are seeing disruptive innovators:

• Transforming a city nation with a 3 billion dollar redevelopment plan that has been created on socially and environmentally sustainable principles
• Transforming a city known as the murder capital of the world to become one of the safest cities in their nation
• Establishing a corruption free city that ministers to the poor in a nation once designated with one of lowest integrity rankings in the world
• A Canadian city undergoing sustainable, measurable and quantifiable transformation via a partnership of government, business, education, and church in a unified approach based on Kingdom values and principles.

As a voice for transformation in our nation, Transformation Canada is bringing together practitioners of transformation from all walks of life and areas of influence so that together we can see God’s Kingdom advance at all levels.

Transformation Canada, in partnership with Transform Our World, has set up a Transformation Entrepreneurs Institute with online seminars to envision and equip entrepreneurs to impact their companies, areas of influence, community and nation with Kingdom of God.

Similar institutes with online seminars and courses have been set up in the “Transform Our World University” to build up business leaders, pastors, churches, intercessors, families, and others involved in education and government as they seek to advance the Kingdom in their area of influence and cover their cities in prayer. Examples of this are the Adopt-A-Street and Adopt-A-Cop prayer apps available on smart phones.

All of the seminars, videos, and other resources of Transform Our World can be accessed on our website.

Let’s join together in obedience to the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”. Let’s unite across this great country of Canada to see His Kingdom arise and shine across the land!

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