Hope for Sierra Leone

Hope for Sierra Leone
Hope for Sierra Leone
Hope for Sierra Leone is a Transformation Canada ministry dedicated to giving hope to the people of Sierra Leone. We empower people towards sustainability by raising up leaders through teaching and developing cohorts in a lifestyle of transformation and integrity. It started by helping with the felt needs of agriculture, where we worked with local farmers and communities to create a sustainable farming process, primarily in poultry. We then turned our attention to the Ebola crisis and helped offer aid relief, training and expertise to help curb the spread of the virus. Now we work with a newly launched organization called Transformation Sierra Leone and Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity, teaching Biblical, transforming principles that can be applied to a variety of tangible needs.
About Farming God's Way

“Farming God’s Way” was developed in 1984 by a farmer named Brian Oldreive in Zimbabwe. As time went on, it was accepted in other parts of Africa and is gradually being used in other continents. The Lord gave him the three main principles which are: Farming Well, No Wastage, and On Time. This is combined with Christian lifestyle principles, which we call Spiritual Capital. Traditionally in Africa the bush was cut down and burned to clear the land, but now instead the organic material is being used as compost and mulch. Mulch is called God’s Blanket and protects the soil against the heavy rains and thus erosion. No deep tillage is allowed, so the soil’s micro-climate and micro-fauna is retained leaving a much healthier and balanced environment. Combining the right crops is taught; for example, peanuts are grown next to corn, so the nitrogen from the peanuts helps the growth of corn.

See website: www.farming-gods-way.org.

About Dr. Conrad Van Dijk

Conrad has been serving the communities of Sierra Leone for almost 50 years.  A graduate from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, he and his wife Anna were called to Sierra Leone to a veterinary and teaching position, respectively. Their goal has been to help impoverished people in a war torn country earn an income, receive education, and have access to healthcare.  He worked to set up poultry flocks in a sustainable and profitable manner for those living in Sierra Leone, traveling to the country an average of three times per year.   While the hot, humid weather hasn’t changed, many great developments have happened in Sierra Leone through their efforts.  God placed them with their skills and abilities, along with His heart for the wonderful local people, to help improve local agriculture, fight against the Ebola virus, and now teach transformational principles that are reaching the felt needs of the nation.

While Anna has gone to be with the Lord, Conrad continues to support the good work that is taking place in Sierra Leone.

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