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How & Why?

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The PEACE education session provided background on how controversial lesson content in schools is increasing and how it gets integrated and of accepted in school curriculum, why this has happened, and how we can respond.

Participants were surprised to find out that most controversial content is introduced to teachers as part of their training decades before it is officially written into the government curriculum. Teachers who are comfortable with the content begin to integrate it into classroom learning – even though it is not part of government curriculum.

The practical example used was the current sex education curriculum. The content of this curriculum (contraception, alternative sexual activities, etc.) began being integrated into classroom lessons more than 30 years ago. Once there was a & critical mass of teachers who accepted the content and were comfortable teaching it, then teacher unions and interest groups pressed to get this written into curriculum documents.

Although this has been brought in via outside interests, it has been allowed to happen because, for the last 3 generations, there has been a spiritual void in our schools:

  • The church has withdrawn from schools
  • Parents are not sharing their faith with the school
  • Faith parents are not discipling their children on these sensitive topics. We have become too busy and have allowed the school to become the default co-parent.


How Do We Respond?

Christ’s teaching in Luke 10 was shared and (Bless, fellowship to build relationship, identify and meet needs, then share the truth) participants were shown how this can be applied to community schools. Participants were very encouraged with 50% choosing to work with us to help inform their faith leadership of this transformation strategy.

Phil Lees

Phil Lees
President, PEACE Ontario

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  1. I have been reading Ed Silvoso’s books and wondering how to implement its biblical principles and practices in ministry–especially being a retired pastor. Discovering your web site was an answer to prayer.

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