Follow up report from the King’s Way Outreach Centre

By: Antoinette Stowe, King’s Way Director

I wanted to write a short follow up to let you know what’s been happening here at the King’s Way since Transformation Canada came and told our story in August.

It was such an amazing blessing!

Since the video came out we were approached by our food supplier and asked if we could do pick-ups four days a week. Until now, we’ve always been doing only one. We had no idea what that would look like, or the blessing it would become.  After we did that first pick up we quickly realized there was absolutely no way we could move the amount of food, even with our increase of new clients.  So we reached out to our community by calling all of the other organizations that were running similar programs.

The King’s Way has now been able to help seven other local food banks!

These organizations have been struggling to make it. We had grown men and women weeping in our warehouse at what we were able to give them. A lot of other program staff commented that, because they were some of the little guys in this line of work, people often overlook them. What a tremendous blessing God has given us.

We not only get to bless our clients with meat options now, we are now able to have our food bank open ALL DAY, every day. Until this blessing we had only been able to give out food at lunchtime. Now we are able to give out food throughout the day. And not just any old food: fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, milk and eggs, things we have not been able to ever give out.

We were also contacted by Moore’s Men’s Clothing to start donating. One of the organizations we had been helping had to close, due to no funding. They approached me and asked if we would be interested in taking over their contract with Moore’s. I quickly said yes. They literally showed up with a transport truck full of all new Men’s clothing. To know what a miracle this truly is you have to know where we started. When I first came to the King’s Way and began working in the clothing room, we had one table for men’s clothing. The table was never full, and often would only have a couple of t-shirts and a pair of pants. To now having racks and racks for clients to choose from is nothing short of miracle.

Our centre has been tremendously blessed and I continue to watch miracles unfold daily.

Thank you Transformation Canada for reaching out to us at The King’s Way and for giving us the opportunity to be a part of transforming our City.

God Bless,



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