Disruptive Innovators

Advancing the Kingdom as “Disruptive Innovators” Part 1/3

By Derk Maat, TC Board Chair

You are a disruptive innovator. As a follower of Christ you have a new identity, a kingdom identity. The explosive, life-giving power of God’s Holy Spirit, who lives in you through Christ, enables you to shake the foundations of the earth and restore all that was lost in the fall of Adam. As stewards of creation with the mind of Christ, we have way more than the assurance of salvation.

We can bring into being what God intended life to be like on earth.

Light bulb was destroyed by electrical energyThis may sound like big stuff, and it is. But when you begin to understand your kingdom identity it is indeed transformational. In this first part of a three-part series, I want to explain what it means to be a disruptive innovator. And my hope is that you will come to see your own kingdom potential in a whole new way.

Disruptive innovation is a term that describes how a new and better thing gets created and rapidly makes an existing thing obsolete; an example of this would be email replacing the fax machine. But kingdom innovation is limitless when we understand it and begin to disrupt anything – natural or supernatural – that hasn’t been redeemed to the righteousness of God.

Let’s explore this a bit.

When God created man and woman, He told them they were to care for creation, protect it and guide everything God had made through His Word along the path He intended (Genesis 1:26-30). Then man fell and all creation was cut short of its full potential and was subject to decay; not just our bodies, but also ideas and abilities. When Christ came and redeemed all that was lost with His blood He not only redeemed us, He re-empowered us to know and implement His original purposes and vision for creation as 1 Corinthians 2:16 states, “We have the mind of Christ”.

Now, if we have the mind of Christ as Paul says, how do we apply it? What does it mean to apply Christ’s mind to every act of human ingenuity, every social interaction, every development of new technology? Have you tried picturing what that would look like: everything in existence operating fully, completely, the way God intended it?

Christ already knows what it looks like to have a world of harmony, between and among people and creation. Unfortunately, today there are many belief systems, business practices and human institutions keeping people and nations in systemic poverty. We see the negative effects of this in our financial systems, our governments, our industries, our churches and schools and even our climate.

But systemic poverty can be broken by the dynamite power of the Holy Spirit.

Righteousness disrupts unrighteousness. What is needed are the disruptors, those who’ve been called by God to advance His Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy into all of human activity and endeavour. God’s desire is to bring every part of life and creation back into relationship with its Creator.

Paul reminds us of how powerful kingdom disruption is. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 states that through kingdom power we “demolish strongholds and break every thought pattern and belief system of this world that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and the advancement of the kingdom of Jesus”. This means going beyond just bringing kingdom values into current business, church, education and government activity. It means disrupting the status quo within our area of influence with new kingdom initiatives that no one has even thought of.

In my next article, I’ll share some practical examples of what kingdom disruption looks like and share more about how God points to our kingdom potential in scripture. Until then, start thinking about what wonderfully disruptive kingdom ideas God has placed in your heart and mind.

Let His kingdom arise inside of you!

Derk Maat

Derk Maat

Transformation Board Chair
CEO Scicorp International Corp.

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