Come And Receive Your Triple Anointing

At the upcoming Transform Our World Global Conference, Dr. Ed Silvoso has prophesied that three anointings will be poured out by God on His people, for this time and season. These anointings are for family restoration, for apostolic leadership, and for extraordinary miracles. But as you consider these wonderful gifts from God, you may be asking yourself a few questions. What exactly does it mean to be ’anointed’? Why these specific anointings? And how are they are tied to an event?

The answers to these questions are connected, so let’s start unpacking them.

As Dr. Silvoso explains in his book Anointed for Business, being anointed primarily means being “…chosen and empowered by the Holy Spirit for a divinely sanctioned assignment” [p.17]. Being anointed also has a definition from the Greek word ‘Aleipho’, which means a physical washing or refreshing. Dr. Silvoso writes that, “pouring, rubbing or smearing something or someone with oil was the biblical way to indicate that a person, item or place has been set aside for divine use (see Gen. 28:18)” [p. 28].

In other words, the choice and the power of the anointing comes from God, but for it to be received requires human agreement- not just yours, but someone else’s too. Remember, Jesus taught a kingdom truth that when two or three are gathered in His name, God is with them and will give what has been agreed upon in that meeting [Matt. 18:19-20]. Such a gathering in biblical times was called an Ekklesia.

Are you ready to agree with God’s anointing for your life?


Now you may be asking, why are these specific anointings being offered, and why at this conference? Let’s first make clear that these anointings are not, and will never be, limited to an event, location or select few. If we are to see the entire globe transformed as we believe is happening, the movement of the Holy Spirit is going to spread far and wide. But those who gather at the TOW conference have embraced a new mindset. They have had their paradigms about church, God and Kingdom life shifted. These are your Christian brothers and sisters who believe, expect and can even testify about entire families saved and restored, leaders with nation-changing mindsets taking Kingdom principles into new territories, and witnessing extraordinary miracles through the power of God. These anointings can flow at this conference because the people have had their paradigms so drastically changed that they will agree for the extraordinary.

If God has anointed you to minister in the marketplace, you’ll find people who will agree with your anointing!


And not only that. It is a place where God’s people agree that nations can be transformed, that whole families can be saved, that God has anointing to break every yoke in your life so you can live in the freedom that life in Christ offers (see Gal. 5:1). Dr. Silvoso writes in his book of the same name,

“The Ekklesia [is] a building-less mobile people movement designed to operate 24/7 in the marketplace for the purpose of having an impact on everybody and everything” [p. 25].


God wants to transform you and the world around you in a profound way! If you feel God is stirring something inside you concerning these 3 anointings, then contact us about attending the TOW conference in September. We want to agree with you for all that God has for your life.

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