City of God shows what city transformation looks like

City of God bookOur good friend and Transformation Canada Executive Member Brian Beattie has published a new book entitled City of God: Transforming People, Transforming Cities.  Brian is the lead pastor of Freedom House Church in Brantford, Ontario, and along with his team has been a catalyst for positive change in a city that was once described as the worst city in Canada.

City of God is a testimony of what a city can look like after God’s Kingdom comes to it. It is a story of how God will transform hearts and lives; and then increase vision to believe that city transformation is more than a Biblical and historical story, but the desire of God for today. You will be inspired, but more importantly, given insights as to how to make your city, the City of God.

You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon here

There will also be a special book release event in the Toronto area on Tuesday, April 30 at 7pm.  Get more details here

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