Blessing the world from the inside out

By: Derk Maat, TC Board ChairmanDerk Maat

500 attendees from 26 countries joined together in San Jose, California for the annual International Transformation Conference, hosted by Ed Silvoso from Oct. 3-7. The goal was to gain a larger vision of what God wants to do globally, through shared ideas, resources and local testimonies. And ten of us from Canada – representing churches and positions of marketplace leadership from across our nation – shared some of our stories and heard many incredible accounts from all over the world.

Before the conference even began, several of us got to join in a prayer boat cruise around the San Francisco Bay. It was a beautiful and unique opportunity to pray for, bless, and declare God’s favour over the city and lay the groundwork for the week ahead.

And what a week it was!

We began on Monday hearing from Dr. Susan Richards, a Chaplain of Healing in Bay Area hospitals. She shared with us extraordinary miracles of physical healing she has witnessed in hospitals, ranging from people with traumatic injuries to those with incurable diseases. She also took time pray for healing for all who attended and many commented later that they sensed God’s healing power both physically and spiritually.

On Tuesday Dr. Silvoso spoke, with a focus on rediscovering Jesus’s gift to the world of the Ekklesia – us, His body. Ed Silvoso led us in understanding how Jesus empowered us by the Holy Spirit and equipped us with His Word, not

“God is moving people into places of influence within corporations, governments, and education…to eliminate forms of poverty that exist there”

to just live out our lives in peace with God, but to change the world. It was a great way to set up the stories that guest speakers were to soon share of how that is taking place – first we understand the principle, then we see it in practice.

  • Some of these incredible stories and teachings included:
    Joseph Okia from Uganda shared how his nation was being spiritually transformed at the highest levels and how his nation’s budget had moved from an 80% dependency on foreign aid to 20%
  • A 37-person team from Hong Kong told how they formed a transformation movement in Hong Kong that was seeing amazing fruit from the poorest district to the highest levels of business and education
  • Valley Christian School in San Jose testified about serving public schools in their area.  They also shared how their students were creating and operating experiments on the International Space Station, while others were being engaged by Microsoft in software design. Students were even featured at Microsoft’s annual conference where the CEO referenced them
  • John Jackson from Jessop University shared about the creation of a new transformational university in California that’s having a major impact on college education in the U.S.
  • Benjay McNaughton led us to a greater vision of the transformational impact that youth and young adults can have on the world today

Transformation leaders from Thailand, Hawaii, the Philippines and Mexico all testified that their cities, regions, and nations are being deeply impacted with the Gospel – not through intellectual persuasion but by clear demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power and digging further into the Word – all with lasting economic, social and relational effect

I’d love to be able to share with you each miraculous testimony and every eye-opening teaching, but frankly, my few words will ultimately fall short. The main takeaway for me at the conference was how God is moving people into places of influence within corporations, governments, and education spheres. He moves them there because He wants to eliminate forms of poverty that exist there- financial, relational, health, etc. Once there, the Holy Spirit gifts his people with new “disruptive innovations” that transform those systems from within.

It’s His blessing from the inside out.

I’m always glad to attend the global conference. Events like this are a great chance to meet and be encouraged. But more than that, they’re a time to be refreshed and given a renewed sense of purpose. That we can and will impact our nation at every level. That through the areas of influence God has placed us in business, education, government and church, lives can be transformed.

That Canada and the world will be forever changed!

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